Happy valentines day 2018

Happy valentines day 2018 Images, Quotes, SMS, Messages, Cards and Wishes

Valentines Day 2018 Wishes, Messages, Quotes for Husband/Wife & Lovers

Happy Valentines Day Wishes | Valentines Day Messages | Valentines Quotes : Hey all boys and girls!!! Valentines is here if you are landed on this post for Happy Valentines Day Wishes Messages, Quotes then you will get the best Valentines Day Wishes here on our website , we have collected a huge list of messages and quotes to say to your valentine/lover/crush , You will surely love these Valentines Day Messages we are going to serve you.

Valentine’s day is the most awaited day for lovers to share and express their love. Valentine’s Day is also known by the name Saint Valentine’s Day or Lover Day all over the world. Lovers and couples all over the world celebrate Valentine’s Day on 14th February with great joy and happiness.



Valentines Day 2018 Wishes, Messages, Quotes for Husband/Wife & Lovers

Valentines Day 2018 Wishes, Messages, Quotes for Husband/Wife & Lovers


They share their feelings, emotions with each other and express their love by exchanging gifts. Very long ago lover used to express their love on this day through greeting cards, letters, roses.. etc but now trend has been changed and the lovers are using and sending valentine greetings, valentine SMS, Happy valentine’s SMS, Valentine’s day 2018 Wishes, Valentine Messages, Valentine Wishes, Valentine Text Greetings.


Valentines Day 2018 Wishes, Messages, Quotes


Your love made my heart melt, like ice melt with heat.

I always get inspired and get motivated with your presence. I am in deep love with you. Happy Valentine’s Day sweetheart.

Looking at our kids, How far we’ve come! Do you have an idea? Thanks for making it easier for me. You’re my only love.

Thanks for making my tougher times easy. Thanks for being my lifetime valentine. I love you.


Lovers, couples all over the world will wait for this day to come so that they can plan, celebrate and impress their loved ones in a special manner. I think they make an effective plan than any other plans. They plan for a long and romantic drive with their loved ones to a beautiful resort, romantic place, may be candle light dinner in an expensive hotel to show off or to impress or express their love in a very unique way. We would like to share some collected Happy Valentines Day SMS messages Quotes Wishes on this greater occasion so that they can send these beautiful and romantic Valentines day Messages SMS to your loved ones and impress them in a unique way.


Valentines Day 2018 Wishes, Messages, Quotes for Husband/Wife & Lovers

Valentines Day 2018 Wishes, Messages, Quotes for Husband/Wife & Lovers


Valentines Day 2018 Wishes

Thank you for journeying in my life. You making it complete.

Life is not short as we are making most out of it.

Do you know why I love you? To be honest I have not found the reason yet.

Can you be my valentine, Once again and forever?

Can we be together always and hold each other forever?

Cheerful unoriginal, consumerist-arranged and completely subjective manipulative and shallow elucidation of sentiment day. – Unknown

Loving somebody doesn’t mean you need to be beaus, at times you simply must be great companions.

Simply was distant from everyone else on Valentine’s day is the same then some other day of your life.

Love is simply cherishing, it can never be clarified.

I am not yours, you’re not mine. Be my hostile to valentine.

My adoration for you is amazing. So don’t expect a valentine’s day card from me.

Bear in mind to leave work early today so that individuals really think you have Valentine’s day arranges.

Every time my heart is broken it makes me feel gutsier.

“I wish that Valentine’s Day accompanied a quick forward catch… ” – Unknown

“Everybody has a knight in sparkling covering, mine just messed up, got lost, and is excessively willful, making it impossible to request bearings.” – Unknown

“You can’t be with somebody since you would prefer not to hurt him. You have your own particular satisfaction to consider.” – Melissa de la Cruz in “The Van Alen Legacy”

“The exact opposite thing you need to get dependent on is somebody.” – Arturo Marvin

“I think, in this way I’m single.” – Liz Winston

The course of genuine romance never ran smooth.” – William Shakespeare

“Give individuals a chance to be enamored, don’t down Valentines Day since you’re not with somebody.” – Unknown

“Hearts will never be handy until they can be made unbreakable.” – The Wizard of Oz

“A few people are settling down, a few people are settling and a few people decline to settle for anything not as much as butterflies.” – Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex in the City”

“Happy Valentine’s Day! What’s more, if this is brand new information to you, my figure is you’re likely alone.

Valentine’s Day is, as a rule, a, well, it’s a produced day that truly doesn’t mean anything.” – Jon Stewart


Valentines Day 2018 Wishes, Messages, Quotes for Husband/Wife & Lovers

Valentines Day 2018 Wishes, Messages, Quotes for Husband/Wife & Lovers


Now lets get started with the stuff that is available for you , here you get singles quotes to say them and valentines day quotes to share with your friends or send them as messages to your friends , crush etc. Valentine’s Day Poems for your loved ones are the most precious warm feelings your share. Greetings of valentine day you can download, copy and send to the people whom to want to. They are downloadable at a free of cost.

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